August 2nd – Kyle and Trevor Hicks

Aug 2nd
Come enjoy dinner and shopping – bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a free Kyle and Trevor Hicks concert!

About Kyle and Trevor Hicks:
Kyle and Trevor are recent newcomers to the Ogden music scene, bringing their shear desire to play music at local venues. The two of them have been creating and performing a variety of music most of their lives. As recent solo acts or duo’s to full bands in the early days, growing up playing the guitar or drums in a rock and roll band set the stage for their most recent act.

Today you can catch them with two acoustic guitars and a Cajon, doing what they love – playing music. From restaurants to open markets to weddings or charities. their popular cover songs to soul searching originals are sure to make you smile. You can find them on, facebook Kyle Hicks Music or email at