July 19th and August 23rd – John Burrows from The Wasatch Wild Band

July 19th and August 23rd

Come enjoy dinner and shopping – bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a free John Burrows concert!

About John Burrows:
John Burrows lives high up in the Wasatch Mountains in Eden Utah, in the shadow of Powder Mountain. He plays many stringed instruments, but in the show he plays a six string and 12 string guitar with a racked up harmonica.

In addition to his own (sometimes award-winning) country rock and tropical rock songs, he covers The Eagles, Zac Brown, Brad Paisley, John Prine, Alan Jackson, John Denver, Waylon, Willie and Merle, Billy Joel and Gordon Lightfoot.

Some folks say he sounds just like Gordon Lightfoot and others say Elvis Presley, but John says, “ I would like to think THEY sound like ME!”